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Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain

Supplier: Organic Crop Protectants

Hydretain attracts and holds moisture in the soil and around the root system so that significantly less water is required to maintain plants during the dryer months.

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Used in turf, pot plants, fruit and vegetable seedlings and newly planted trees.

Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain is a liquid humectant based soil moisturiser, and unlike water storage granules which are known carcinogens, Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain is completely safe and biodegradable.


Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain Technical Information

Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain for Plant Use

As seen from the chart below, Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® significantly increases the time it takes for a plant to wilt. This effectively reduces water consumption and minimises plant moisture stress. On average, the time taken for two wilts to occur where Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® is used, is double that of the water only treatments.

Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® has proven itself in revegetation work on sand dunes where mortality rates have been reduced by 50% in some situations. It has also proven a success in transplanting of vegetable speedlings where moisture stress can govern final yields. The photos below demonstrated how Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® can influence the final yield of processing tomatoes due to a simple application of Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® to the seedling trays just prior to transplanting into the field. Transplant shock is reduced significantly which gives the plant a great head start in life.


Agricultural Water Management | Hydretainfor Turf Use

Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® is not a soil wetting agent but rather patented technology designed to enhance the way your turf roots access soil moisture. Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® is a liquid moisturiser for your turf roots.
The compounds in Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® are attracted onto the root system which then mine the soil of water vapour. This reduces your turf water needs whilst keeping moisture around the root system minimising desiccation of sensitive root tips and root hairs. This maintains the root system through the summer period and the higher moisture content reduces the build-up of heat in the root zone. Hydretain® helps to reduce the incidence of "Summer Decline".


Benefits to Turf:

  • Reduces water usage by extending the normal intervals between watering
  • Reduces "Turf Wilting" and moisture/heat stress (Summer Decline)
  • Maintains moisture around shallow root systems allowing maximum root retention under drying soil conditions.
  • Wets Non-wetting Soils
  • Will not cause burning of turf
  • Organic & Biodegradable
  • Improves the total appearance of the sward during hot dry periods

Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain® is a very good aid in the successful germination and survival of seeded turf. Seeded turf treated with Hydretain® will always be faster establishing and healthier.


How does Agricultural Water Management | Hydretain differ from water storage granules?

Hydretain®Plus is very different to water storage granules and more suited to plant establishment.