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Air arc gouging noise control

Supplier: Flexshield
05 April, 2013

In the mining and manufacturing industries, there is a multitude of sources for dangerous noises — drills, shovels, crushers, mills, screens and many other types of processing equipment.

A process which is common to both industries is air arc gouging, also known as carbon arc cutting.

It's a procedure which uses an electrode-positive carbon arc to generate intense heat, which physically melts and removes metal.

In mining, air arc gouging is often used to repair damaged digger buckets, and can generate dangerous sounds of over 140 decibels, which can cause immediate deafness

A large Western Australian business was experiencing extremely high noise levels when using air arc gouging to repair mining equipment.

A solution was required to bring the noise levels down to a manageable and safe level.

As the equipment being worked on was of a significant size, the lifting of the equipment needed to be taken into account, along with the extraction of hot air and dangerous gases.

Flexshield designed, manufactured and installed an acoustic cell to cover the work process.

The noise control screens were manufactured to run on a sliding chassis which allowed the cell to be split and the equipment to be lifted into place.

The acoustic cell is then pushed back over the equipment and the operator works inside. Extraction and electrical fittings were also included. The acoustic cell reduced 30dB of noise.