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Air Atomising Spray Nozzles - Ultrasonic & Conventional

Supplier: Tecpro Australia

Ultrasonic Atomisers. An ultrasonic atomiser nozzle is an air driven acoustic oscillator for atomising liquids by passing them through a field of high frequency sound waves. The resulting droplets are very fine.

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Liquid atomisation occurs through a two step process:

A. Liquid is ejected through a number of small orifices into the nozzle outlet orifice, where a central high velocity air stream produces the first liquid breakup through a shearing action,

B. The air stream carrying the droplets then impacts onto a resonator placed in front of the nozzle outlet orifice, generating a field of high frequency sound waves. Flying through the sound wave field, the droplets are vigorously shattered into very fine droplets. Air bypassing the resonator carries the atomised droplets downstream as a soft, low velocity spray or "fog".

Advantages of Air Atomising Spray Nozzles - Ultrasonic & Conventional:-
1. infinite turndown ratio;
2. can't dribble as even the finest drop is atomised;
3. self cleaning as sound waves keep the tip clean;
4. extremely large orifice, so won't clog;
5. are able to produce a consistent level of droplet size over a wide flow range.

Excellent for burning of fuel oil, tar, etc.; for evaporative cooling or conditioning of hot gases; for dust suppression; for humidification; etc.

Conventional Air Atomiser Nozzle

The conventional air atomising assemblies are available in a wide range of Body Types and Spray Set Ups
The atomiser body serves the purpose of conveniently connecting the set-up to the feed lines for air and water, and it may include several optional devices like shut-off needles or orifice cleaning needles or air operated cylinders for remote operation.The standard range of manual or automatic bodies, is shown in the photo.

Spray Set-Up

The spray set-up is the actual atomiser- that is the device where the liquid flow and the airflow come into contact with each other and originate the mist spray.

A spray set-up is composed of two parts, an air nozzle and a liquid nozzle. When assembled, the air nozzle fits precisely onto the liquid nozzle and the combination of the two provides the required geometry to originate the spray.

The spray produced can be round, wide angle round, or flat; the air/liquid mixing can be internal or external, and the liquid feed can be by siphon or pressure.

Wall Mounting Nipples

There are various special accessories such as Wall Mounting Nipples. These specially designed nipples make it possible to efficiently operate a standard atomiser directly through the wall of tanks, or air ducts, without the need of any other additional part or assembly fittings. Two different models, for thin or thick walls, are available.

Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks provide liquid under pressure, and make it possible to deliver liquid to an air atomising without requiring a pump.or enables the operation of one or more air atomisers in areas where a liquid supply is not available. By filling the tank with both air and liquid, it is possible to operate an atomiser as a mobile unit, totally independent from any supply line. The cart shown beside, complete with adjustable valve assembly, filter system and time programming, is typically used for disinfection in those hospital areas where bacteria and germs must be safely eliminated.

The tanks are made out of AISI 304 stainless steel, with both base and upper handles lined with rubber for easy handling and protection from impacts.

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