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Air Balances

Supplier: Active Lifting Equipment

Knight Balancers provide a safe, clean and quiet means of ergonomic transfer and handling for virtually any type of product, with only a fraction of the normal effort.

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Knight Industries air balancers can balance, position and move parts or tooling for production and assembly. Their versatility and ease of use, make them ideal for a variety of industries including automotive, textile, aerospace, furniture, metal, working, electronics and many more.

  • Operation can be sequenced or automated to fit specific production requirements
  • Loads will not immediately drop when the air supply is interrupted
  • Refined mechanical design increases reliability and reduces downtime and maintenance cost
  • Lightweight aluminum housings decrease unit weight making Knight Balancers more ergonomically efficient.
  • Knight Industries offers a chain or cable option with all single balancers
  • Low air consumption provides low operating cost
  • Compact design allows use within confined areas.

Single Cable Balancer

This is the base unit of the Knight balancer family. A knight cable balancer comes standard with 3/16 in. galvanized aircraft cable and 1/2 ton spring lock bail hook.

Single Chain Balancer

Designed for high cycle applications near capacity load or loads that are subject to excessive yarding, twisting or bouncing. Knight chain balancers are equipped with zinc plated industrial strength log chain and 1/2 ton spring lock hook with chain nest.

Single Reeved Balancer

Reeving a balancer can as much as double the lifting capacity. Additionally the reeve and pulley offers a second suspension point which gives greater stability. to the load. Reeved balancers come standard with a 1 ton spring lock bail hook.

Dual Drum Balancer

Some applications require the manipulation of an unwieldy or large part. A single suspension point may not stabilize a lengthy part. Some applications require that the  fixture remain square to a part. Two hook points prevent fixture rotation. For these applications Knight has developed the Dual Drum Balancer. Having two synchronized spools inside one housing, the dual drum offers added balance to awkwardly weighted or shaped loads by lifting and balancing from two suspension points.

When ordering a Dual Drum Balancer, please specify the “E”
dimension as part of the order number.
(Ex. DKBA100-028-023 has a 23 in. “E” dimension)
RWA4170 trolley adapter is required.

Tandem Balancer

A Tandem Balancer doubles the load capacity of a single balancer but does not sacrifice vertical travel. The Tandem Balancer offers the same capacity while not sacrificing vertical travel. Tandem Balancers come standard with a 1 ton lock bail hook.

Tandem Reeved Balancer

The workhorse of the Knight balancer family, the Tandem-Reeved balancer has been designed to manage the heaviest of loads.  The combination of tandem balancers and a pulley system increase capacity four fold.  However, like the single reeved units, tandem-reeved units must sacrifice some vertical travel. Tandem balancers come standard with a 1 ton lock bail hook.

Knight control handles can be adjusted to ensure an ergonomically correct position. A rotation plate is affixed to the angle plate of the pendant handle. This rotation plate can easily be rotated in increments of 22.5° in either direction by simply removing the fasteners, turning the plate to the desired angle and replacing the fasteners.