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Air circulators provide economical solutions

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

With summer responsible for overheated workplaces and winter months often causing unmanageable levels of damp in handling depots and on assembly floors, specialist Fanquip manufactures high-powered air circulators to combat any potential problems.

With stale air a major problem in factories and handling plants, these fixed head circulators can be distributed around a site to create an air flow that otherwise would not be possible to obtain from the unassisted breeze afforded by the design of a premises.

And, when dampness creates potential problems in the colder months, the air circulation created provides fast drying to protect product and employee.

As an example of how the unit expediently handles moisture, Fanquip air circulators are being used to reduce drying time in spray booth applications in many industries.

As an indication of how effective air movement is in retaining comfortable body temperature of shop floor employees, air moving at a velocity of 2.5m/sec can give people working in that airstream an approximate cooling effect of 5°C.

Apart from being inexpensive to purchase and install, the type of structure and generally light weight of the apparatus gives it great installation flexibility.

For instance, they can either be wall mounted or operate from a steel pedestal when portability is an important requirement.

The heavy duty air circulators operate on two speeds and have three-blade impellers to ensure large volumes of air can be moved when and where required.

Fan diameters available are 460mm, 630mm, and 810mm, with each of these dimensions relating to both wall mounted versions and pedestals.

Motor power ranges from 0.20kW to 0.30kW. Free air volumes moved at high speed range from 3000 litres per second through to 17,000 litres per second.

Operating voltages available are a choice from single-phase 240V or three-phase 415V in all of the fan diameters.