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Air Conditioning HVAC Noise Control Mounts

Supplier: Gelmec Pty Ltd

Noisy aircon units can disturb neighbours and workers with vibrations impacting on ceilings or floors below. Most HVAC brands emit some level of noise and each requires a different mounting solution.

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Airconditioner units can make a varying level of noise. Loose boltsor parts rattling inside or poor fixing can all make for noise problems.  A row of units can produce noise levels that interfere with people's normal daily activities and become a serious nusiance. Councils can apply environmental noise standards where noise levels reach a certain dB (A). Typically these levels are lower in residential areas.

Some HVAC units come with basic rubber feet which can give some limited noise reduction.  Gelmec Australia supplies a range of anti vibration feet specially designed for HVAC units.

Made from thermoplastic rubber composite, this material provides a good elastic body. Function remains constant even throughout sudden temperature changes. A simple geometrical design supports dynamic performance and stability under lateral (sideways) forces.

Three mount configurations suit different fixing methods where the unit can be isolated completely from the floor or supporting brackets.  A simple foot style can be attached to brackets underneath the HVAC  leaving the unit to sit isolated from the floor below. Male male stud mount designs suit a  bracket to bracket fixing, ensuring a fixed connection. A top pin style mount has a levelling pin allowing for uneven surfaces or where the unit is raised.

All aircon anti vibration mounts come with a M8 thread, hex nuts and washers. Sold in packs of four or volume for trade, they suit aircon unuts weighting from 20kg up to 200kg. 

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