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Air Conditioning | Split System Installation

Supplier: Pioneer Heating & Cooling

Split system air conditioning installation is a very popular choice when a ducted system is not practical.

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Apartments and offices tend to take the split system air conditioning option as do home owners with two storey homes with little or no access to the ground floor ceiling cavity where the ducting would normally go. Split systems get their name from the configuration of the air conditioner. The main compressor unit is installed outside while the fan/blower unit is mounted on the inside wall.

Reverse cycle split system air conditioning comes in many specifications depending on the area it has to cover, window areas, air flows and projected usage. A bedroom unit for example should get a lot less usage than a lounge/dining air conditioning unit. Whilst split systems cost less to purchase and install than ducted systems it is absolutely vital that the right unit is chosen upfront.

At Pioneer Heating and Cooling we will personally assess the area or areas which need air conditioning and recommend the appropriate brand and model to deliver the best most economical result.