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'Air Guide' Truck Flooring For Reduced Loading Time & Costs

Supplier: Industrial Conveying Australia

Companies handling palletised goods have been given an Australian-designed truck trailer technology that reduces 20 minutes of loading time to as little as three minutes.

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The ‘Air Guide’, developed and manufactured in Australia by Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd, is ideal for warehouses and factories that handle volumes of palletised goods delivered to one site where route trucks are loaded by forklifts.

It suits all industries ranging from beverage and food through to manufacturing, retail and third party logistics.

Although Air Guide is considered a minimal upgrade to an existing truck trailer, its impact is so significant it raises associated dockyard efficiencies.

Air Guide flooring quickly loads stacked pallets that come out of an automated warehouse, plus it has the added advantage of providing easy unloading duties to a driver at delivery points.

The challenge to Industrial Conveying was to design and produce a system that raises guides for automated loading but retracts once the load is in place.

The solution is the use of guides that inflate with air. Once the load is on board, a driver simply deflates the raised guides to return to a flat, even, floor that allows the use of regular pallet trucks.

Air Guide is considered to be a world first design and far superior to anything like it overseas.  It took a huge amount of research and development and now route trucks are able to be loaded in under three minutes whereas previously it could take as long as 20 minutes to get pallets on board.

When a truck backs into a bay, it is automatically levelled and aligned. Its load is generally pre-prepared on the dock and once the truck is in place the press of a button has the load shipped onto the back of a truck.

Not only has this process streamlined and reduced loading times, it also makes the job of the driver far simpler. Within 90 seconds, a driver can have 12 pallets loaded using this method.

Plus it leaves pallets neatly in line. Basically, once a semi-trailer is backed in it is loaded in next to no time.

Previously, route drivers were dependent on the availability of forklift operators to load a trailer. Now the new Air Guide flooring gives drivers a self-managed system and obviates complete requirement on forklifts.