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Alarm Reporting Technology

Supplier: SNP Security

Business customer rest assured SNP Combine your preferred technologies, that reflect the Australian standards.

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SNP Security offers two levels of alarm reporting systems.

Alarm Reporting Technology - SNP ConnectPlus:

Internet Protocol (IP) Monitoring turns a traditional alarm reporting system into a fully integrated monitoring solution. Ideal for meeting the new Australian Standard, and as a direct replacement for Securitel, SNP ConnectPlus is not limited by the size of your alarm system.

Constant polling to the central station verifies the integrity of your connection, via multiple redundant paths including:

  • Ethernet
  • GPRS Network 1
  • GPRS Network 2
  • Dial up ISP.

By default, SNP ConnectPlus utilises Ethernet and GPRS, with significant cost savings made through eliminating the need for a telephone line. No call costs are incurred.

Alarm Reporting Technology - SNP Connect:

Via a dialler modem, the alarm panel will activate the siren, send an alarm signal back to a monitoring centre and transmit data to the centre’s computers. The frequency of connection checks, as programmed in your system, will largely determine the class of alarm transmission.

Each signal sent from your alarm system will incur the cost of a call. Dialler monitoring should be considered a low to moderate level of Back to Base Monitoring & you should consult your insurance company as to its adequacy for your premises.

  • Standard Phone Line (PSTN):A Standard phone line is used to communicate alarm events to the Monitoring Centre.
  • GSM Monitoring:Alarm transmissions via the mobile phone network, allowing the security system to be polled constantly.