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Alarm Systems | Inner Range Concept Access 4000

Supplier: All State Security

Inner Range Concept Access 4000 maintains its cost effectiveness across the spectrum, regardless of the size of your system, modular design and memory size options ensure that you are only paying for what you need.

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Incredible expandability and on-going product development and support, ensure that a Alarm Systems | Inner Range Concept Access 4000 system purchased today is a long term investment in your security management plan, avoiding the need to replace a system that will not keep pace with your needs. Alarm Systems | Concept Access 4000 provides a totally integrated solution with unrivaled scalability and flexibility.

The Alarm Systems | Concept Access 4000 seamlessly combines security monitoring, access control of doors and lifts and building management technologies within one system. Integration of technologies offers considerable control over the movements and actions of staff and visitors as well as significant cost savings for the property owner, tenant or manager.

Security Features of Alarm Systems | Concept Access 4000

  • The system may be divided into as many as 250 independent or interdependent partitions or areas. Each partition may represent a physical locaiton or a type of function.
  • Each partition or area may be operated independently of any other to give the look and feel of up to 250 individual systems. Ideal for a multi-tenanted building, shopping centre or large school campus.
  • Each partition or area may be programmed to communicate to different locations or devices by different communication formats. So, some events can be reported locally to computers or printers, whilst other events are reported to a remote Central Monitoring Station.
  • Up to 250 levels of User Access may be implemented across the system.
  • Timed and remote control of areas, doors, auxilliary outputs, etc.
  • Flexible alarm processing options allow full customisation of the sequence of events that occur when an alarm or input is activated.
  • Review memory stores a record of events occurring within the system.
  • The Commercial Alarm Systems | Concept Access 4000 system is expandable to over 2000 detectors, inputs and outputs.

Access Control Features of Alarm Systems | Concept Access 4000

  • Control of up o 250 doors and 32 lift cars servicing up to 64 floors
  • Compatible with all common access formats (PIN, Magnetic Stripe, Proximity, Wiegand, Bar Code, Biometric, etc.)
  • Stand-alone operation using Intelligent Door Access Modules or "back-up cards"
  • Time parameter option on Card Reader and/or Button operation
  • 'Anti-passback', 'Dual User' and 'Card + PIN' options

Building Management Features of Alarm Systems | Concept Access 4000

  • Lighting and climate control may be turned on automatically in a specific section of the building when that area is access by staff and turned off again when the area is unoccupied
  • Safety lighting automatically turns on when movement is detected and turns off again if no movement is detected for a specific time
  • Any device capable of being operaterd by an electronic switch may be incorporated within the system as an "Auxilliary output" and controlled either manually or automatically
  • Temperature sensors, photo cells and other inputs may be utilised in Energy Management and control logic
  • Simple or complex control logic may be used to determine when an Auxilliary output should turn on or off
  • Auxilliary outputs may be turned on or off for specific durations

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