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Alcatel PCX Digital Telephony Platform

Supplier: Reliance Communications

The Alcatel PCX Digital Telephony Platform includes the following :

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Superior design provides for the integration of simple user operation and sophisticated technology. Alcatel is a world leader in computer telephony integration.

Alcatel PCX telephony platforms are enhanced by advanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and by superior networking functionalities.

CTI technology simply provides the ability to utilise your PCX phone and voicemail functions via your PC screen and mouse – play voicemail messages, send voicemail to an email address, view last numbers dialled, access speed memory dials, dial out from your database, screen pop incoming calls, make multi party conference calls, answer calls with caller ID – simply use your PC or handset as required.

Alcatel Telephony Networking provides various sites to be seamlessly linked together. Most features are retained across the network, including handset screen menu information.

Alcatel Telephony Networking offers tremendous cost savings and business flexibilities. There are obvious savings in call costs, but the real value of networking is in staff convergence. By utilising staff efficiently across the network, each site needs less staff for reception and administration areas.

For example, 6 admin staff in Sydney and 5 in Melbourne would amalgamate to perhaps 9 staff overall. This larger group overcomes the problems of downtime for lunch, sickness, holidays, training – more efficiently and with less wages,

Alcatel Telephony Networking can be supported via a range of connection links, including ISDN, frame relay, voicelinks and voice over IP.

Live voice recording facility. Up to 8 simultaneous calls. Simply press a button to start/ stop recording on your own handset and the message can be automatically placed into a supervisor’s email mailbox…

Auto attendant menus and queue announcements.

Caller ID on all lines as required. Essential for CTI (screen pops etc), and call accounting reports.

Multiple group log on/off …be in all or one or no groups….either by a button press, or by supervisor admin programming. Simply join a call answer group or multiple groups.

Share staff resources like never before.

Three (3) Party Conference Calls, whereby immediate multi party conferences are available. The conference links are of extremely high voice quality.

Flexible Direct Dial Answering, whereby any direct dial number can be programmed to ring at any extension or group number(s). Essential for professional multi company operation.

We recommend that you rent the new Alcatel system …it’s more cost effective than purchase (after tax deductions), and provides superior cash flow benefits.

We also recommend a Professional and Call Centre management software in the package as a mandatory option. Management is essential to measure staff performance, call patterns and marketing trends.

The Alcatel is a sophisticated system with simple management controls, and at the right price.

And be assured that Reliance Communications will make it right.