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AlertEx | Construction and Hazardous Area Lighting Equipment


AlertEx provides specialist construction and hazardous area lighting equipment to a vast range of global clients across the civil, industrial, resource and government sectors.

When working in hazardous areas where an explosive atmosphere is present, it’s paramount that you can trust the precautions taken to safeguard the electrical apparatus from any potential ignition points. At AlertEx we pride ourselves in not only providing high quality flameproof and explosion proof electrical equipment, but also on our commitment to giving expert advice to help you choose the right product to suit your job. We are constantly striving to make you work area safer and more efficient.

Certified Solutions for Hazardous Areas
Our focus is on protecting the lives of those carrying out tasks in potentially explosive atmospheres and other hazardous areas. Our range includes portable Intrinsically Safe and Explosive Proof equipment that is fully certified to IECEx and/or ATEX standards to ensure you can work in these harsh and challenging environments with confidence and efficency.

Convenient Equipment Hire Solutions
Our range of equipment is available for purchase or hire on either long or short term contracts. By hiring equipment you can take on a large range of jobs outside what you might normally do. Click here for more information.

Reliable Confined Space Equipment
Reliable, well designed and correctly certified equipment is essential to reduce the chance of downtime. Studies have shown that the quality of the working environment has a massive impact on the efficiency of those working in it. These environments are extreme and harsh by definition – any equipment that improves the working area will have a positive impact on how quickly and safely tasks can be completed.

Engage AlertEx to provide specialist support and equipment for your next project that is to be carried out in a hazardous area. Browse products now!

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