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Algae Control | Coptrol

Supplier: Rural Chemical Industries (Aust.)

Algae Control with Coptrol, a new generation algaecide and is safe to use.

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Algae Control | Coptrol

Active Ingredient: 107 g/l Copper as mixed Copper Chelates.

For the control of most types of blue-green algae in irrigation canals, farm, industrial and ornamental ponds, raceways, shrimp ponds, rice paddies and human drinking water supplies. May be safely used in hydroponic systems. Coptrol is a liquid, new generation algaecide.

It is a water soluble, chelated, non- corrosive, copper compound which utilises organic chelating agents, resulting in a uniquely effective algaecide action. Algae actively seek Coptrol for the nutrient value of the organic chelating agent. Once ingested the active copper kills the algae. When used in accordance with label directions, Coptrol will not harm livestock, birds or fish.

Coptrol is registered in Australia for use in human drinking water. Coptrol target specific to algae in water and should not be used for aquatic weed control. It will not harm desirable plants, which makes it the product of choice for crops such as rice.

Pack size: IL, 20L, 200 L.