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All In One Shrink Wrappers | Get Packed

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging

Get Packed has an extensive range of All In One Shrink Wrappers where the L-Bar sealer and shrink chamber is all in one machine.

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The All In Ones are easy to use as the shrink film is sealed around you product and then shrunk in one motion providing a professionally presented product for sale. 

Get Packed's range of All In One L-Bar Sealers and Shrink Chambers will seal and shrink PVC or Cryovac polyolefin shrink films providing a professional finish for all of your products.

All of our range of shrink machines are on wheels to allow for movement around your work area and have adjustable loading trays to suit your product.

To use you simply place the product on the package loading tray in between the two layers of centrefold film. The operator then moves the package into the sealing area and lowers the hood.

Once the hood is lowered, the operator applies pressure to make the seal. Once the seal is made, the operator releases the hood and the automatic magnetic arm hold down keeps the hood down until the film has shrunk. When the shrink time is completed, the hood will automatically return to the up position and the operator can remove the completed package.

The Range:

PP76 All In One
Sealing Dimensions: 406mm(w) x 558mm(L)
Film Width: 576mm
Package Height: 254mm
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Sealing Dimensions: 280mm(w) x 380mm(L)
Max Film Width : 360mm
Package Height: 120mm
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Sealing Dimensions: 320mm(w) x 460mm(L)
max Film Width: 400mm
Package Height: 120mm
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Sealing Dimensions: 420mm(w) x 550mm(L)
Max Film Width: 600mm
Package Height: 250mm
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Sealing Dimensions: 620mm(w) x 800mm(L)
max Film Width: 800mm
Package Height: 250mm
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L-Bar Sealer and Heat Shrink Tunnel

As an addition to Get Packed's range of Shrink Wrappers we also supply a rugged and heavy duty semi-automatic L-bar sealer with shrink tunnel that features a fully re-circulating air chamber with live roller rod conveyor.

It is designed for medium production speeds of 10-20 products per minute (depending on the pack size). For more information please view this video

Alternatives to our All In One Shrink Machines or L-bar sealer and shrink tunnel would be a budget system such as the Shrink A Pack for low volume shrink wrapping - which is also listed on this site.

For more information on the  All In One Shrink Wrappers, please click on this link : All In One Shrink Wrappers or for more information on our range of manualy shrink wrap alternatives please follow this link: manual shrink wrapping.

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