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All-Purpose Strapping Machines - Quality does not have to be Expensive

Supplier: Mosca Australia
15 April, 2008

One of the key tasks of modern packaging technology is making product safe for transportation. The packaging has to secure the product reliably during transportation, but should also be economical as it offers no added value for the producer. This is the main reason why companies from various industries prefer the material and energy saving strapping technology.

Modern strapping technology has proven to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solution for many industries. Material and energy costs are relatively low and the narrow, thin straps are made of different kinds of recyclable plastic. During this years INTERPACK exhibition, Strapping System Manufacturer, MOSCA, will show a new machine model and due to the favourable price/performance ratio, this strapper will convince many users.

Solid technology for many purposes

All applications are different and so too are the requirements that have to be fulfilled by the strapping machines. In principle, the same rules apply as in everyday life: not everybody needs a luxury limousine with numerous ‘extras’, many would be better off with a family car without “bells and whistles”. MOSCA have therefore developed a new strapping machine that proves itself through a favourable price/performance ratio. Overly technical options have consciously been abandoned to reduce costs for the user.

The MOSCA automatic strapper RO-M will be offered with a frame width of 800mm x 600mm and is a multi-purpose all-rounder for various applications, e.g. for boxes and print products, but also for mail order companies or in the bank sector. The machine straps at a rate of 35 cycles per minute: the bundle is positioned in the machine, and the strapping operation is activated by a sturdy foot pedal. The next strapping cycle with either 5 or 8mm plastic strap starts after the strapped bundle is taken out of the machine.

No compromises on quality and reliability

The user must not fear compromise on either reliability or quality just because a strapping machine is suitable as a model for beginners or for simple strapping tasks – due to its favourable price/performance ratio. The machine works with the proven brushless DC motor driven sealing head, providing wear-free and low-noise operation. However, costs were reduced by the careful selection of components and constructive innovations. For example, one motor less is used as opposed to the common sealing head: the strap threading and retract motor (via gear speed) is simultaneously used as strap tensioning drive.

Needless to say that this sealing head is of a modular design and when servicing, this design permits easy access to the important elements without tools e.g. no tools are required for smaller maintenance work carried out on the strap channel. The user does not compromise on ease of use in any way. The new packaging concept contributes to it. The strapping machine can be easily unloaded from the delivery pallet without pump truck or fork lift.

Strapping technology trends

During the Interpack 2008 fair customers have the chance to see of the benefits of the latest state-of-the-art technology from strapping system manufacturer, MOSCA for themselves.

Besides the RO-M model, a wide variety of machines and strap types for all industries will be on show at the Exhibition in Duesseldorf. The range of machines available includes everything from a small stand-alone semi automatic machine through to fully automated operator-less high capacity systems that can be integrated into most production lines. All MOSCA machines work with brushless DC motor driven sealing heads or the new system that utilises ultrasonic technology to its full capability

Ultrasonic sealing technology: fast, economical and low emissions

Regardless of whether strapping complete pallets or single boxes, the user profits from the advances in ultrasonic technology. The ultrasonic sealing technology offers considerable speed advantages. A typical example of it is the exhibited semi-automatic strapping machine SONIXS-MP. Using this new sealing head, the SONIXS-MP strapper with an arch size of 800mm x 600mm can strap at a rate of over 60 cycles per minute as opposed to 40 cycles using a conventional heat-sealing machine.

The fully automatic strapping machine SONIXS-TRP with the high-speed ultrasonic technology gives a high degree of security and versatility. This machine can be integrated into most production lines and straps at a rate of 30 bundles per minute. Thanks to a wide range of options this machine is suitable for use in a variety of industries including mail order, pharmaceuticals or foods.

Strapping machines equipped with the new ultrasonic sealing heads are not only faster, but also more economical and producer lower emissions. Practically no fumes or smells are produced and the sealing is very efficient: the tensile strength at the sealing position represents 85% of the tensile strength of the strap used.

The strapping can withstand greater stresses during transportation but it is also often possible to use lower cost, narrower or thinner strapping materials. Compared to uncontrolled heating systems that operate at much higher temperatures, there is no residue build up due to melting strap to dispose of. These advantages can be used in many applications like the packaging of print products e.g. the machine type SONIXS-TRI, the specialist for inline-strapping.

Users wanting to strap complete pallets of building blocks for example, whilst taking advantage of the ultrasonic sealing technology would be advised to consider a KOV-315 horizontal pallet strapping machine, with wear-free SONIXS sealing heads. Packaging specialist MOSCA offers a great variety of possibilities for different industries and during the Interpack Exhibition customers have the chance to see the latest-state-of-the art strapping technology trends for themselves.