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Aluminium Foil Food Containers

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Foil food containers in every shape and size

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Aluminium Foil Containers

Foil food containers in every shape and size

Foil containers are durable, flexible and Confoil can make them in a wide range of shapes and dimension to the most exacting standards. Select from Confoil's range of more than 250 standard aluminium foil trays.To find the ideal foil container for your requirements use the series guide below.

  • Series 100 to 1000
    Round and specially shaped containers with a raw edge.
    Gas and electric stoveguards, pastry tin liners, cup cakes.
  • Series 200 to 2000
    Round containers less than 150mm diameter. Full curl rim.
    Food samples, hors d'oeuvres and tarts. Larger containers are ideal for fruit, custard and meat pies. Used in labs and hospitals as weighing pans, swab trays etc.
  • Series 4000
    Round containers larger than 150mm diameter.
    Full curl rim.
    Ideal for family size meat and fruit pies. Also includes pizza trays, quiche and cheesecake containers.
  • Series 5000
    Round containers with vertical flange or hemmed edge rim for use with lids.

    Ideal for decorative foods such as cheesecakes and gateaux that may require a plastic or board lid and board base.
  • Series 6000
    Square or oblong shaped containers with a full curl rim, suitable for clip on lids.

    Small square pies, multi-part pie trays, croissant trays, containers for bar cakes, lasagne and large catering trays.
  • Series 7000
    Square or oblong shaped containers with a vertical flange, interrupted curl rim for use with an assortment of lids.

    Ideal for take-away foods and catering purposes. Includes multi-cavity trays for Meals on Wheels services.

Smoothwall Aluminium Foil Trays

Smoothwall aluminium foil trays use plain or coated foil and feature a smooth rim/flange, which can be lidded with heat seal film to achieve a leak proof and hermetic seal. Smoothwall trays are robust and aesthetically pleasing.

Smoothwall foil trays have traditionally targeted the jams, pate and the pet food sectors. With the introduction of large 1kg and 2kg smoothwall trays by Confoil, these trays are now finding a niche in the home meal replacement market.

The 1kg - 2kg trays are designed for the conventional oven and BBQ market where high temperature cooking is required and would typically be used for prepared family meals, meat cuts, baked products and chilled or frozen vegetables.

These wrinkle free foil trays are heavy duty but lightweight in construction offering an aesthetically pleasing product presentation which appeals to consumers. The trays are manufactured with a smooth rim (flange) for application of heat seal film producing a leak-proof, hermetic seal.

Added to this, Confoil also provide a range of sealing solutions. A range of simple manual heat sealers right through to fully automated systems provide for an efficient and consistently strong seal on the smooth rim (flange).

A variety of films are also available in different gauges with antifog, micro perforations and barrier properties.

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