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Aluminium proves popluar for food and pharmaceutical industries

Supplier: MayTec Australia
06 June, 2012

MayTec Australia, the aluminium extrusion specialist, have recently seen pleasing results in the food and pharmaceutical industries' catering for applications where a clean room is essential to the manufacturing process.

This is because MayTec has a range of profiles that feature smooth, sealed surfaces and joins.

Machinery, guards and bases for these industries have traditionally been constructed in stainless steel, which, while meeting customer needs for cleanliness, has been very expensive to manufacture and install. Now there is an alternative.

The antiseptic environment is achieved in two ways. Firstly, the surface of the profile is completely smooth. There is no textured ribbing common in other profiles. Secondly, there is a gasket placed between profiles so that the joins are completely sealed. When used together with the cover caps and plugs, the profiles can be steam or pressure cleaned and no residual moisture will be retained.   

Marko Lovrinovic, sales manager of MayTec Australia says that this range was added a few years ago in response to customer demand and the results have been pleasing.

"Our customers wanted an alternative to stainless steel. With the release of the clean room range we can now service diverse markets that were unable to use our existing lines," he said.    

Of course, the system retains the advantages of traditional aluminium profile. It is relatively inexpensive (especially compared to stainless steel), is easily erected on site using nothing more sophisticated than an Allen key and the configuration can be added to or changed at any time.

MayTec has a full range of connectors and accessories, to complete the most complicated jobs.

More information and complete catalogues can be obtained from the sales team. Call 02 9999 0890 for further information.