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AM-BOSS Access Ladders

AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd was established in 1979 by the current Managing Director, Werner Hecht, when he first designed and manufactured prototypes of pull-down (attic) access ladders. With approximately 35 years experience in the industry, AM-BOSS has been manufacturing, supplying and installing pull-down (attic) access ladders for both domestic and commercial use. AM-BOSS were the FIRST, and are currently still the only manufacturer to offer a pull-down access ladder that complies to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), and are CodeMark Certified.

With its strong, simple, practical and trouble free design, the AM-BOSS pull-down access ladder is extremely well suited for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Superior load bearing capacities of 150kg, 200kg and 400kg (at any given point - not spread weight) far exceeds the Australian Sandard requirement of 120kg. Safe and easy access ladders which are simple to install and use - easy as one, two, three.

Utilise the above ceiling space in your home, safely and easily, as a convenient storage area by installing the AM-BOSS 'disappearing' aluminium ceiling access ladder.

Provide strong, safe, and reliable access for Trade-persons to service air-conditioning plants in factories and office buildings, or access mezzanine levels, roof tops, etc.

Installed in all types of buildings, government, factories, hospitals, domestic, new and existing. The complete system is extremely well manufactured, simple, trouble free and in domestic installations AM-BOSS offers a twenty Year warranty.

AM-BOSS is proudly 100% Australian owned and made in Sunshine North, Victoria. The counter-balance system is made in such a way that when the door is closed the springs are almost relaxed. All moving parts are lubricated at assembly.

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Welcome to AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd! We are proud to acknowledge that we have had over 30 years experience in supplying you with roof access ladders of all kinds for domestic, commercial and industrial environments.


Antarctica -Research Stations
The Scientific research bases in Antarctica have a lot of delicate equipment that needs to be stored out of the way, but they're also very cramped. Using AM-BOSS 'Access-Boss' access ladders frees up more space.

Export to Middle East, USA and many other countries. AM-BOSS access ladders have proven to be very popular in the Middle East, where houses are traditionally built taller and on a smaller floor space than Australian Houses. They have proven to be a very practical solution for saving floor and storage space.

HMAS Cerberus
The design of military bases is access space-conscious, with this in mind, the RAN uses AM-BOSS 'Access-Boss' ladders in order to access infrequently used upper levels, and storage spaces. These fold neatly out of the way, which allows for less restricted foot traffic in the corridors.

Control Towers at Airport
AM-BOSS access ladders are at many Airports, here and overseas, to give safe access to roof tops on control towers for technicians to service the many antennas etc.

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