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Analogue Interworking Testing

Supplier: Austest Laboratories

AUSTEST is an ACMA recognised Testing Authority and New Zealand Telecom Accredited for testing to a wide range of standards:

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  • AS/ACIF S002 (Analogue Interworking and non-interference requirements for Customer Equipment connected to the PSTN).
  • AS/ACIF S003 (Customer Access Equipment for connection to a Telecommunications Network). This standard covers Customer Equipment such as Gateways, PABX, VoIP Adaptors with FXS Interfaces.
  • AS/ACIF S004 (Voice Frequency Performance requirements for Customer Equipment, PSTN and VoIP)
  • AS/ACIF S006 (Requirements for Customer Equipment connected to Leased lines Non-Switched Network)

These standards cover equipment such as modems, fax machines, telephones (standard & cordless), alarm systems with dialers, private line modems, and other types of equipment that connect to analogue lines.

The standards deal with parameters such as tone and carrier levels, voice quality, return loss, DC characteristics and general interworking of the equipment with the telephone network. We also perform testing to the following country specific standards:

  • NEW ZEALAND TELECOM PTC200 (modems, fax machines, etc)
  • NEW ZEALAND TELECOM PTC220 (ATA's with FXS ports, Voice over IP Equipment)
  • NEW ZEALAND TELECOM PTC273 (ADSL Equipment) via our Auckland Lab
  • HONG KONG TELECOM HKTA 2011 (Check for PSTN Equipment)
  • MALAYSIA (JABATAN TELEKOM) Checklist for modems, faxes, alarm panels
  • EUROPEAN UNION: BABT & Pan European Approval TBR 21(CTR21), TBR 37(CTR37), TBR 38, TBR 17 and TBR 15.
  • UNITED STATES FCC PART 68 Test & Certificate. TIA/EIA/IS-968.
  • TUV RHEINLAND North America Accreditation.
  • SOUTH AFRICA TE001 and ICASA Accreditation.

We suggest submitting the item for a preliminary evaluation to appropriate standards, including the above interworking standards. Should your product fail to comply with any of the above specifications, we offer an engineering and modification service, from general consulting to full PCB redesign. We have many years of experience in modifying products for compliance.