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Anglo Platinum Bubble Sizer

Supplier: JKTech

The Anglo Platinum Bubble Sizer is a portable device to measure both the bubble size distributions and the superficial gas velocity Jg directly within a flotation cell.

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With the mean bubble size db and Jg the bubble surface area flux Sb can be calculated:  Sb = 6Jg/db

The Anglo Platinum Bubble Sizer comprises of a sampling tube attached to the bottom of a sealed viewing chamber.  Bubbles from the pulp phase within the flotation cell travel in the sampling tube under non iso-kinetic conditions.  The viewing chamber is made of plastic PVC with a single reinforced glass window.  A lighting array (LED lights within the viewing chamber) is used to ensure image contrast.  The chamber is sloped (angle 15%) to spread the bubbles into a single layer to limit overlap and provide an unambiguous plane of focus.  The sample of bubbles is photographed with a digital still camera and specialist image analysis software processes the images to derive the bubble size distribution.

The superficial gas velocity Jg is defined as the amount of air passing through a flotation cell per cross-sectional area per unit time and is a direct measurement of air flow rate.  The Anglo Platinum Bubble Sizer can be used to calculate Jg by measuring the time taken to displace a known volume of water (distance between two marks L) by air bubbles in the perpex tube above the viewing chamber.  Jg = L/t

JKTech is the distributor of the Anglo Platinum Bubble Sizer world-wide and is proud to be associated with the manufacturers at Stone Three in South Africa. 

Key Contact:  Dr Rolf Fandrich, Products Manager.