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Supplier: ITW Proline

The Ramset Ankascrew is a self tapping screw in Masonry anchoring system with multi-use capabilities with the thread cutting into substrate for a positive and safe anchorage. Can be used to fasten fixtures and materials to brick, concrete, stone, marble and concrete block.

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Quick and easy to install.

All carbon steel, screw in, removable anchors for fast and simple anchoring into solid concrete and masonry or hollow brick and block.

Unique ability to tap a thread into the concrete or masonry substrates making it ideally suited to applications where being able to remove the anchoring is important. Perfect for temporary fixing.

Ideal for close-to-edge fixings as it doesn't rely on expansion in the hole for grip.

Suitable for when a high volume of anchors are going to be used and installation speed is important.

Available in: Zinc electroplated with yellow chromate conversion coating.

Applications: Factory equipment installation, Safety barrier installation, Handrail installations, permanent and temporary.

Anchoring of load bearing angles, beams, columns, etc.

True to size, all steel, torque controlled expansion anchor with 'pull-down' capabilities for permanent anchoring into solid substrates such as concrete;

Hole size, anchor diameter and thread size are all the same diameter.

How to use

  • Drill hole to the correct diameter and depth. Hole depth = bolt length + overdrill depth;
  • Clean hole with a brush and remove debris with vacuum or hand pump;
  • Using a socket wrench, screw the Ankascrew into the hole exerting a slight downward pressure until the "self-tapping" action starts;
  • Tighten the Ankascrew. If resistance is experienced whislt tightening, unscrew fastener one turn and then re-tighten, ensuring not to overtighten with excessive torque;
  • For optimum performance, a torque wrench should be utilised.

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