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Anti-Slip Permanent Modification

Supplier: Friction Systems

Surface modification is one of the most common and permanent solutions to increasing the (COF) Co-Efficient of Friction.

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Like the surface of a wet road, tiles that are exposed to water pose a real risk to personal safety. Unlike our feet, car tyres have unique tread pattern specifically designed to displace water and maintain the highest possible COF.

Unfortunately when feet or shoes come into contact with wet tiles there is nowhere for the water to go, even with most shoe treds (which are designed for traction on general surfaces) this layer of water acts like a lubricant and can lead to very nasty fall/slip injury.

The GripGuard solution microscopically modifies the surface of the tile allowing rapid dispersal of water and dramatically increasing the amount of dry contact area between the floor surface and the shoe.

The ideal COF for wet area surfaces should be > 0.55. and before any treatment Friction Systems Australia will test and analyze the results and then recommend the most appropriate solution to achieve this result.

With thousands of hard surface installations the industry leading GripGuard solution is the treatment of choice for external areas, high traffic corridors, and surfaces where the original look needs to be maintained.