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Anti Theft Devices | SC Controller

Supplier: Smokeshield

Anti Theft Devices, SC Controller, the Perfect Combination and Solution for Security Systems

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Anti Theft Devices | SC Controller

The SC Control panel represents a new approach to security system design. Drawing on experience from the world market, the SC Controller is flexible, durable and user friendly.

The SmokeCloak SC Controller is the perfect solution for site installation requirements.

The SC controller can control one to 25 Smokecloak units.

The controller comes standard with 24 programmable in-puts and can be expanded to 200 zones.

The SC controller monitors all the SmokeCloak functions and can be connected to the existing site alarm system.

Better still the existing alarm devices can be connected directly to the SC Controller making it both the site alarm and SmokeCloak controller.


The modular design establishes a logical solution for ease of expansion. Up to 32 modules can be added to expand the capabilities of the SC Controller.

The Unique built in VM4 Voice/Siren module is pre-programmed with 2 voice messages and sirens which complies and satisfies local Authorities concerns.

The SC Controller can be totally stand alone or interface the Smokecloak/Controller with the existing alarm System. This will ensure that all Smokecloak outputs are monitored

The best option is the SC Controller can become the site alarm, simply by connecting the existing alarm devices to the panel.

Featuring sophisticated software that allows up to 199 users to interface with 200 zones, 8 areas, and a host of integrated access, verification, and input/output modules, all reported with the Contact I.D. formats.


  • LCD Code Pad
  • 24 Zones
  • 1 to 5 SC Units
  • 1SC and 16 Spare Zones.
  • Expandable Up 128 Zones
  • Built in Dialler.
  • Recordable 4 channel Voice
  • Siren Warning module
  • Back up Battery
  • GPRS & GSM Options
  • Stand Alone Operation.

Quality, Design Standards

(Intruder alarm equipment and installed systems.)

SmokeCloak security fog devices fully comply with the British Standard BS7939:1999 for the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Smoke Security Devices.

The SmokeCloak systems have also been registered by The Danish Insurance Association for use in all approved security applications.

This equipment has been tested and found to compliant with the ACA A-Tick and (NZ) Telepermit standards. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against interference in a residential installation

Standard battery back-up protection on all controller. The state-of-the-art electronics incorporate microprocessor control and software and provide a broad range of error-checking, reporting and log facilities.

Product specifications:

  • Aux Outputs 12
  • Enclosure Dimension 36 x 36 x 9
  • Weight 4.5KG
  • Electrical 16.5 VAC 25, 40,or 50 VA T/former
  • Wireless Available Option
  • Inputs Expandable to 200 Zones

Warning signs

Noticeable and easily-understood self-adhesive warning signs are provided with all SmokeCloak systems. The signs must be displayed at the normal entry points to the building.