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Anton Paar On-line Densitometers

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Anton Paar GmbH is a world leader in on-line concentration monitors, using densitometers and sound velocity meters. The instruments are suitable for a wide range of industries, from the food & beverage and pharmaceuticals industries to (petro) chemical and mineral processing industries.

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The Anton Paar provides an economical way of measuring the concentration of components in 2- and 3- component liquids and gasses. (Liquids with more than 3 components can be measured, if the other components are trace elements or if their concentration is constant.) Applications range from simple monitoring application of Brix, alcohol and acids to monitoring of complex mixtures like phenol / formaldehyde concentration monitoring.

Anton Paar densitometers and sound velocity meters are used for quality control and control of liquid manufacturing processes like mixing and blending, distillation and fractionation. The Anton Paar instruments use density and sound velocity as the primary measurement principles for on-line concentration measurement. The density and sound velocity instruments are available as individual instruments or integrated into the one instrument.

The instruments can be used inline or in a bypass loop. The benefits of using the Anton Paar instruments are:

  • better plant controllability
  • better product quality
  • less off-spec product
  • lower usage of expensive raw materials
  • longer production run times

Benefits of Anton Paar equipment:

Higher accuracy: The Anton Paar density monitors employ a new type of oscillating U-tube. The instruments measure the change in oscillating frequency rather than the change in deflection used by other types of density meters; this provides a signal that is approximately 10x more sensitive than a change in deflection. The result is an instrument that provides a higher accuracy signal.

Anton Paar densitometers can now be used in applications where accurate density measurement was previously impossible. The wetted parts of the instrument are made from a range of materials to suit the application - stainless steel SS316, Hastelloy C276, Tantalum, Incoloy and borosilicate.

The Anton Paar signal evaluation units (mPDS1100/2000) store complex polynomials that define the relationship between density and/or sound velocity. This enables the signal evaluation unit to convert a density/sound velocity reading to a concentration reading. It eliminates the manual conversion that otherwise may have to be done.

A sanitary version of the instruments is available. The instruments are available in an intrinsically safe (IS) version for applications in hazardous areas. Anton Paar instruments are designed to operate in harsh environments and are rated to 12.5 MPa. and 125 °C. Anton Paar systems are widely by companies like Mobil, Coca-Cola Amatil, Carlton United Breweries, CSL, Meadow Lea and others.

Typical on-line monitoring applications
These are examples only. If your application is not listed, please contact us.

  • Food — quality control of beer, RTD’s, wine, softdrinks, cordial, dressings, sauces and pastes: - Brix - alcohol - extract - ethanol - carbon-dioxide
  • Petro-Chemicals — Quality Control of petro-chemical distillates - Mass determination of crude oil -Formaldehyde/water/methanol, phenol formaldehyde. - Determination of API gravity - Quality control of fuels and additives - Quality control and blending of lubricants, coolants and solvents Mining: - solids measurement - acid concentration - copper sulphate.
  • Pharmaceutical — Determination of specific gravity of medical preparation - Quality control of infusion solution
  • Waste Water treatment —Determination of density and concentration of chemical substances used in the water treatment plants
  • Gases and Aerosols — Measurement of density of gases/aerosols Milk: - Total solids - Control of solids from density and fat content - Control of solid content in skimmed milk (whey) - Control of solids in milk evaporators - Sugar, determination of sugar content of molasses on extraction
  • Flavours & Fragrances — measurement of density of flavours, fragrances and perfumes
  • Cosmetics — Measurement of creams - Measurement of specific gravity of starting materials and finished products
  • Chemical — Concentration determination of all acids, bases and other solutions - Density of polymer solutions - Dilution services on pesticides and fungicides
  • Beer — Measurement of Original Extract/Gravity and alcohol, carbon-dioxide (Pressure / temperature).
  • Nuclear — Concentration of radioactive substances - Determination of D2O (heavy water) in water
  • Electro-Chemical — Determination of Iron Chloride in etching bath.
  • Manufacturing — Water content in Hydraulic oil - Water content in cooling liquid
  • Paints/Polymers — Concentration of incoming goods - Density of paints - Dilution of ink in Ink Jet printers - Dilution of Ink in Printing Ink
  • Paper — Density of green and black liquor
  • Photo Film — Control of fixing bath concentration - Control of activator in photographic developers
  • Soldering — Control of dilution concentration of flux agents

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