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Anybus-M Master - Embedded Master/Scanner interfaces for industrial networks

Supplier: Global Automation

Anybus-M is a family of certified and proven interchangeable embedded communication modules with master/scanner functionality.

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They are designed for integration into industrial automation devices. The Anybus-M family supports Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and AS-Interface. All modules have a standardized hardware and a similar software interface.

The Anybus-M master modules are designed for integration into industrial automation devices that need to communicate with industrial field devices via different industrial networks. Anybus-M modules have their own high performance microprocessor which handles the entire communication protocol independently of the application running in the automation device.

Depending on the network version, the configuration can either be defined and loaded into the Anybus-M module with Anybus NetTool, an external configuration tool or alternatively, the configuration can be loaded from the software of the automation device. Typical applications are advanced automation devices, such as a robot controller or gateways.
All Anybus-M modules are the size of a credit card. The application interface is standardized in hardware and mechanics. This allows interchangeability between all other Anybus-M and Anybus-S modules.

High functionality for demanding applications
The Anybus-M modules are ready-to-use full featured master/scanner interfaces. The complete protocol functionality is implemented inside the communication module. The powerful on-oboard microprocessor handles the complete network protocol and thus off-load the microprocessor of the host automation device from all time-critical protocol handling.

Easy configuration
For all versions a tailor-made configuration method is available. For Profibus and DeviceNet configuration, HMS provides "Anybus NetTool", a flexible, user-friendly configuration tool. For EtherNet/IP scanner configuration, users can use the popular "RSNetworx" configuration software from Rockwell. For AS-Interface, the configuration is so easy that the in-built configuration interface in combination with a terminal program is enough..


  • Connectivity to Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and AS-Interface with just one development  
  • Standardized application interface in mechanics, hardware and software from the view of the host device  
  • Smooth integration into the host automation device  
  • On-board microprocessor off-loads the automation device from all time-critical communication tasks  
  • Fast time to market, typically only 1-3 months for several networks 
  • Up to 70% savings in development costs compared with own implementation 
  • No additional licensing cost, everything is included in the price of the module 
  • Easy to use configuration tools 
  • Continuous product maintenance by HMS  
  • Pre-certified for full interoperability and network compliance with, CE, UL and RoHS conformance