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APP Direct Non-Thermal Plasma Systems

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Non Thermal Plasma systems are installed on emissions from 15.000 m3/h to 200.000 m3/h

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  • Equipment size small compared to capacity
  • Low pressure drop in the reaction chamber (approx. 30 -180 Pascal)
  • Can be installed both on the suction side and on the pressure side
  • No consumables in operation
  • Very low maintenance and operation cost

Mobile pilot system available for reduced scale test (2.500 m3/h)

The Plasma Reaction Chamber

  • The PRC is made of stainless steel 316 L
  • The PRC is divided into a cluster of hexagonal tubes
  • Through the centre of each tube there's a corona wire, isolated from the rest of the chamber
  • The high voltage is lead to the PRC from the high voltage generator by a high voltage cable.
  • High voltage is applied to the stretched corona wire within the tubes.
  • This generates a discharge within the gas volume that emanates from the wire to the wall.
  • Once generated, the plasma electrons collide with the background gas molecules, creating chemically active species known as radicals and charge carriers.
  • In addition to generating a non-thermal plasma environment, the APP corona reactors simultaneously act as an extremely compact electrostatic precipitator.

Factors that effect the performance of the system include:

  • Dirt and dust in the reaction chamber/cells
  • Clean chamber improved cleaning efficiency
  • Humidity in the input air
  • Humidity above 100 % reduced efficiency
  • Temperature in the input air
  • Temperature above 80 °C reduced efficiency
  • Air speed of the input air through the chamber
  • Lower speed improved efficiency
  • Ambient temperature
  • Temperatures above 40 °C reduced efficiency
  • Power induced in the reaction chamber
  • High power input improved cleaning efficiency


  • Feed Mills
  • Extruders
  • Coolers
  • Cookers
  • Biosolids