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Application Note: Automated Parallel Synthesis for Proc

Supplier: Interworld Electronics
23 December, 2008

Quatech QSU2-100IND Four port USB 2.0 to RS-232 Serial adapters with Surge Suppression are being used as part of a real-time reaction analysis system

The system is designed to both identify reactants, products and intermediates in a chemical reaction and to track the course of the reaction with a single automated system. The system is comprised of four reactors, each of which can be individually controlled and conditioned, with a probe integrated into the base of each. Modulated infrared radiation is passed to each of the reactors in turn, and a spectrum is measured and passed to a Windows NT-based PC via a surge protected serial to USB interface. Up to thirty spectra per hour are obtained from each reactor and used by the system to derive concentration profiles.

This application was originally implemented with standard USB to serial adapters, however results were unpredictable and inaccurate. After much testing, our customer found that the added protection of Quatech's "IND" surge suppression package was the only USB to Serial solution that would work in their systems.

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