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Application Note: Biometric Security Checkpoint at Rest

Supplier: Interworld Electronics
22 December, 2008

Biometric scanning has become increasingly popular, and increasingly inexpensive over the past few years. It is a trusted method of identification that cannot be easily lost, stolen or illegally duplicated, as could a security access card. Many systems, as does the one pictured above, use a multi-pronged approach to authenticating users granted access to restricted areas.

For example, one might need to swipe an access card and enter a pin code for a less secure area, and in the highest secured areas, a full 4-pronged identification process would be required.

In the system pictured above, Quatech's ESE-400D is used to provide the serial connections that connect the devices that comprise the biometric access control system. In this case, six of the eight serial ports are used to connect the iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, card reader, pin pad, text display screen, and the door latch. (This system provides the flexibility of two open ports that can be used in the future to add such security features as a Pan-Tilt-Zoom control to a monitoring camera.) A person will swipe a card, enter a pin, scan their finger, and scan their iris (or any combination of the 4), and that data will be transmitted via Ethernet directly to a back office server, just as if the individual devices were connected directly to the computer. The data is then logged and validated, and if approved, the door mechanism is released and access is granted.

Using a serial device server, instead of a dedicated PC with hardwired RS-232 connections, has many advantages. For example, a large complex with many security access points can use a single back office server to monitor and control them all. In addition, any computer on the network--provided it has been authorized to do so--can access any control console in the compound. And, when attached to the device server, all components of the system can be remotely monitored and tested so that any potential problems can be recognized and addressed before they effect system functionality--a particularly important feature for a high-security area.

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