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Application Note: Cellular Network Performance Testing

Supplier: Interworld Electronics
19 December, 2008

A major telecommunications company is using Quatech's QSP-100 to provide the serial ports required by their portable network testing systems. The systems are now being used by many of the top cellular service providers including Sprint, Verizon, Tmobile and AT&T Wireless.

The performance testing is designed to identify and isolate trouble spots on the network (the "can you hear me now" test of television fame). The system, depicted in the diagram above, enables a technician to drive though a test area and collect a variety of network measurements via an in-vehicle system mounted on the dash. The system is based on a small computer running Windows CE.net. (The CE.net driver was developed specifically for this project at the customer's request.) A Dash mounted touchscreen is used to control all aspects of the system. Quatech's QSP-100 connects this touchscreen to the computer, and also provides two additional ports by which two test cell phones are attached. The fourth port is used for diagnostics.

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