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Applications of Vacuum Systems

Supplier: Busch Australia
08 November, 2010

Many processes various industries require the use of vacuum systems.

Degassing of Plastics

Through its determined commitment to the development of vacuum and extraction technology for the technically complex degassing of plastic melts, Busch has acquired the world’s largest pool of know how in this area. This know how made it possible for Busch to build dry, sealed vacuum pumps that are today’s industry standard. Busch vacuum systems for the degassing of melted plastic materials are built to match the specific extruder and material and are constructed so that they can be directly attached.

Chemical Industry

Many processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry require vacuum. Busch supports the pharmaceutical chemical industry with innovative and optimum vacuum systems for manufacture, laboratories and technical schools. Over the last few decades, Busch has consistently been a leader in the introduction of new technologies, setting new milestones and helping make processes more dependable, more environmentally-friendly and more profitable.

Experienced process engineers design vacuum systems that ideally meet the respective customer’s exact requirements. Today, Busch offers the largest selection of ATEX-certified, mass produced screw vacuum pumps for Zones 0 and 1.

Dolphin liquid ring vacuum systems

Busch has a large selection of Dolphin liquid ring vacuum systems for many different applications, from compact pumps for standard use to complex systems for complex processes. Depending on the application requirements, Busch Dolphin liquid ring vacuum systems are available with open, partially sealed or completely sealed liquid circulation systems and heat exchangers. They are suitable for central vacuum supply systems and the generation of vacuum for processes. Dolphin liquid ring vacuum systems also meet the requirements of the ATEX Code Of Practice for Potentially Explosive Devices and Systems for Zones 0 to 2.

Central vacuum systems

Centralised vacuum supply is a very economical alternative for customers who are operating several individual vacuum pumps. Central vacuum systems always consume significantly less energy than the operation of individual units. Additional advantages to the operator are increased dependability and maintenance without expensive idle time. Moreover, installing the vacuum pumps at a location away from the production floor removes a source of undesired heat and noise improving the working environment and thus production volume. Busch has decades of experience in the designing and building of central vacuum systems for many different industry branches. All over the world, Busch central systems are in use to the full satisfaction of the operators: in food packaging, printing plants, wood working, etc.

General vacuum applications

Countless years of experience, our extensive product range and the expertise acquired through the designing and building of many different types of systems has put us in a position to design the ideal vacuum solution for every industry branch. We specialise in single-unit production and small lot production of vacuum systems and modules. Working closely with our customers, we provide factory-assembled, ready to operate systems throughout the world.

Standard vacuum systems

Based on our experience and knowledge of the market, we have designed different standard vacuum systems with suitable options for the optimum adaptation to specific customer requirements. Standard vacuum systems are the economical alternative to custom built vacuum systems. They can be equipped with any type of vacuum pump, whether oil lubricated or dry running, and come in various suction volumes with different equipment.

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