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APPMA welcomes new member Filler Specialties

The Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) has announced that they have welcomed Filler Specialties as a new member company to the Association.

If you are filling and capping containers of all kinds Filler Specialties is here for you. Profitability is an equation using reliability, predictability, and accuracy of filling/capping: Filler Specialties machinery is second to none on these counts. 

The largest dairy drinks company in Australia is still using a Filler Specialties Filler/Capper supplied in the mid 1990’s: it is still running 24/5 at the correct specifications. Old school values of quality workmanship and materials underpin every machine that is delivered ex Filler-Specialties, A technical look in a nutshell: Filler Specialties designs and manufactures sanitary stainless steel rotary bottle fillers and cappers in multiple configurations including stand alone, monobloc and close coupled tri-bloc systems. 
Filling methods available include gravity for non-carbonated free flowing liquids, and pressure gravity for more viscous products. Bottle size capability ranges from 60ml to 10 litre at speeds from 10 to 700 bottles per minute with multiple closures. 
Filler Specialties provides custom built, innovative equipment and systems for Juice, Dairy, Pharmaceutical/neutraceutical, Water, Food, Personal care/household products, Automotive/petroleum and Chemical. 
Pressure gravity filling for more viscous products; hot or cold filled: Gravity filling hot or cold filled, 10 – 700 bottles per minute, Plastic and glass containers 60ml to 10 litre, EMV external mount filling valves, Extended Shelf Life Clean- In- Place filling valves and related ESL hardware, Rotary cappers for screw caps, snap/screw caps, press-on caps, sport caps, and specialty closures, full line of capping turrets including neck support, mechanical pick and place, and servo driven pick and place cappers, Bottle neck handling systems for lightweight bottles and hot fill applications, machine safety and Ultra Clean HEPA enclosures, customised systems for special requirements.