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APS Plastics

APS Plastics is a Melbourne based company founded by John Petschel in 1986. John was inspired to commence an Australian owned and managed business that would:

Take advantage of the design freedoms that working with plastics allows when combined with appropriate technology and processes.

Provide high quality product engineering, analysis and testing services that would overcome the perception that quality precision engineering was only available from traditional suppliers such as Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the USA.

Provide a "total solution" support service for Australian and international inventions, inventors and manufacturers that would provide clear and tangible benefits for clients.

APS was commenced with the belief that there was a demand for a specific combination of services that would provide an Australian owned and based alternative for the design, development and commercialisation of products using advanced plastics technology.

Over the past 20 years, APS has built a reputation for achieving excellence in the provision of innovative, technology based solutions for clients.

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The team approach and the structural and operational flexibility provided by APS Plastics ensures reduced time from concept to market, allowing customers to take full advantage of timely product development. APS' personalised services are tailored to specific needs ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved for customers. APS Plastics will assist you to ensure that your product or component reaches the market on time.

APS is fully certified to the ISO 9001:2000 international quality standard. Specialised industrial laboratory equipment is utilised to ensure products are totally suitable for the intended application and to reduce any product compliance risks. APS has operated in plastics technology since 1986 and has an outstanding record of meeting customer needs and providing reliable services for developing components, processes and products.

Driven by a highly competitive marketplace, APS Plastics ensures customer commodity costs are minimised by focusing on savings in production, including lower labour costs. The service range and vast network of technical and manufacturing suppliers provided by APS, allows a seamless approach to total project management. This provides clear benefits to customers through improved concept design, manufacturing efficiency, and labour and material savings.

APS provides a full range of integrated solutions from conceptual design to commercial product. APS integrates "best fit" technology with practical industry experience to provide customers with innovative services to compliment their own engineering and R&D.

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