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More than 9,000 customers around the world rely on us to give them a competitive edge. By providing innovative, industry-driven enterprise application software, Aptean helps businesses to satisfy their customers, operate most efficiently, and stay at the forefront of their industry.

With extensive knowledge and clear technology leadership in our focused industries, our software enables customers to transition from being merely competitive, to becoming market leaders. This competitive edge—The Aptean Edge—is born from solutions reflecting industry best practices, and services that are specifically focused on helping our customers meet their individual business goals, profitably.

Building strong relationships with customers are the foundation of successful businesses. Our market-driven application software and services not only gives significant insight into customer interactions, but offer valuable information to help anticipate customer needs and fulfil them. Aptean’s solutions provide deep customer knowledge and facilitate customer intimacy.

Streamlining operations is the best way to address complex issues and uncover new growth opportunities. Through our software and services, you can provide quality products – in stock and on time. By helping you increase productivity, improve responsiveness, and automate consistent and repeatable processes, we help you achieve and sustain true operational efficiencies across the enterprise.

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To be the best in the market requires dedication to continuous improvement and quality. From front to back office data sources, your business and people can leverage information to make better decisions. Create and deliver superior products that are perfectly matched for your industry, while managing risk and compliance and reducing the cost and complexity of managing data.

Aptean gives our customers a bold competitive edge, “The Aptean Edge.” More so than ever, staying competitive is crucial to success. Today’s business environment demands focus and industry-specific strength. That means zeroing in on target markets with a unique approach to meeting and exceeding the needs of customers. That is what we do at Aptean. It’s what we do for you and what we allow you to do for your customers. Our solutions are very focused on specific industry segments, providing specialized value and capability where others cannot.

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