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Aqua One Reverse Osmosis

Supplier: Aqua One

With a Reverse Osmosis Filter you can rest assured that your drinking water is the best quality water possible. Of all the methods to purify drinking water, Reverse Osmosis is the most advanced, economical and effective.

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Aqua One Reverse Osmosis 

Reverse Osmosis has the ability to remove chlorine, inorganic chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, dissolved solids and impurities in the water. Aqua One has Reverse Osmosis filters in counter top units or they can be installed undersink. It is the best you can get in water purification.

How does it work?
Polluted water is forced by mains water pressure against a semi-permeable membrane. Purified water molecules easily pass through the membrane while pollutants, typically being larger than the pores ( .0005 of a micron in size ), cannot pass through and are washed away.

AQUA ONE ARO5000 Reverse Osmosis Purifier
The AQUA ONE ARO5000 drinking water purifier represents the very latest in design and ultimately has become the standard for the drinking water industry. The AQUA ONE ARO5000 model remains unequalled in quality, reliability and overall performance.

Years of engineering experience, field-testing and continued design refinement combines to make the AQUA ONE ARO5000 the best in its class.

For Mechanical Filtration Protects and extends the life of the membrane. Removes sediment particles – grit, dust, rust, mud, algae etc. 1 micron superfine polypropylene cartridge

For Membrane Protection A special high-grade carbon cartridge pre-filter is added to protect the TFC Membrane from chlorine degradation. Specially designed to remove – pesticides and other organic pollutants eg chlorine, THM, TCE etc. Contains special acid washed, dedusted carbon with excellent absorbent qualities.

Screens out the most minute micro particles. Pore size less than .0005 micron (1 micron = one thousand of a Millimetre)/ Effectively repels: heavy metal complexes including aluminium, lead, mercury etc, micro-organisms and colloidal matter. Virtually eliminates mineral ions including fluorides and sodium. Membrane has remarkable affinity for oxygen producing sparkling oxygenated water.

Specially designed to remove residual toxic chemicals - pesticides and other organic pollutants eg chlorine, chloramines, THM TCE etc contains special carbon excellent absorbent capabilities Enables prolonged contact time of 12-15 minutes for maximum adsorption.

Provides final polish resulting in superb tasting water. Acts as final check against any organic impurities.

Cartridge Replacement
Sediment Pre-Filter - 6 months
Carbon Pre-Filter - 12 months
TFC RO Membrane - 3–5 years
TRF Toxic Removal Filter - 24 months
Carbon Post-Filter - 12 months

Why Aqua One?

  • 5 Stage System
  • 5 year warranty
  • Removal of Chemicals & heavy metals
  • Automatic shut off valve
  • Special Proprietary formula toxic chemical removal cartridge De-dusted and washed high purity carbon to give water final polish before it enter the storage tank ensuring the highest purity possible
  • Unique Reverse osmosis pressure and membrane safety check gauge this unique safety check indicates :
    • Inlet water pressure to indicate to sufficient pressure
    • automatic shut off valve is operating
    • (water conservation device)
    • Indicates filter needs changing
  • TFC Membrane ( not CTA) longer lasting, higher rejection rate of impurities, more flexible with pressure a, temperature and PH
  • 1 micron pre filtration ensuring longer life of membrane
  • New Technology and design space save storage tanks
  • High production membrane

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