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Aqua One

Take your existing tap water, add an Aqua One water filter, and instantly you have the quality of bottled water at a fraction of the price.

When you invest in an Aqua One water filter, your drinking water worries are over, forever! Here are just some of the many ways you can benefit...

No more worries about bacteria levels in your bottled water...
There have been many water scares in Australia in recent times. When you switch to an Aqua One system, you'll always have peace of mind that the water you are drinking will be safe.

No more heavy bottles to lift, or have cluttering up your work space...
With an Aqua One system you never again have to break your back lifting bottles, or find somewhere to hide them. An Aqua One system will remain hidden always leaving you with more office space, and less worries.

No more dirty hands all over the bottles...
Let's face it, many of the problems associated with the bottled water come from the handling. With a system from Aqua One, those problems are a thing of the past.

No more monthly payments...
A filter system for Aqua One is not only more convenient, it usually saves you money. Call us TODAY and let us show you how you can have permanent, fresh water, for a fraction of the price of bottled water.

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If you are looking for Water Filters in Brisbane then you have come to the right place. Aqua One Australia offers the latest in water filtration systems and coolers which mean you will never run out of water again.

You will never run out of filtered water again! The Aqua One units will give you an unlimited supply of filtered water and comes with two taps.

The Aqua One range of compact units are perfect for use at home. Or choose the larger units for your office or factory. Instead of having to buy in weeks worth of bottled water using the Aqua One method you fill up the bottles using your own tap water and our coolers filter the water only when you need it. Fresh healthy clean water delivered to you right when you need it.

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