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Arbitrary Waveform Generators - Tektronix AWG5000B Series

Supplier: TekMark Australia

The AWG5000B Series of Arbitrary Waveform Generators delivers the optimal combination of industry leading sample rate, vertical resolution, signal fidelity, and waveform memory length, all in an easy-to-use self-contained package.


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With 14 Bit vertical resolution up to 1.2 GS/s, 4 analog, and 32 digital channel outputs, the AWG5000B Arbitrary Waveform Generator is the ideal solution for versatile mixed signal generation. The AWG5000B gives you a unique combination of analog and digital output performance allowing you to generate analog and digital IQ, as well as IF signals in a single instrument.

Features & Benefits
  • 370 MHz Effective RF Frequency Output
  • 1.2 GS/s and 600 MS/s Models
  • 14-bit Vertical Resolution
  • 2 or 4 Arbitrary Waveform Differential/Single-ended Outputs
    • Up to 4.5 Vpk-pk Single-ended and 9 Vpk-pk at Differential Output into 50 O
    • 0.95 ns Tr/Tf (10 - 90%) at 0.6 Vpk-pk 
    • ±5 ns Range (50 ps Resolution) Interchannel Skew Control
    • SFDR: 80 dBc (1 MHz), 64 dBc (10 MHz)
  • 4 or 8 Variable Level Marker Outputs
    • Up to 3.7 Vpk-pk Single-ended Output into 50 O
    • 300 ps Tr/Tf (20 - 80%) at 0 to 1 V
    • Up to 1 ns Range (50 ps Resolution) Delay Control
  • 28-bit CH1/CH2 Variable-level Digital Data Output
    • Up to 3.7 Vpk-pk Single-ended Output into 50 O
    • 300 ps Tr/Tf (20 - 80%) at 0 to 1 V
  • Up to 32 Mpoint Record Length For Longer Data Streams
  • Down to 800 ps Resolution Edge Timing Shift Control
  • 8,000 Steps Real-time Sequencing Creates Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, and Conditional Branches
  • Easy to Use and Learn, Shortens Test Time
  • Intuitive User Interface Based on Windows XP
  • Convenient Benchtop Form Factor
  • Integrated PC Supports Network Integration and Provides a Built-in DVD, Removable Hard Drive, LAN, and USB Ports


  • Designing, Testing, and Deploying
  • Wireless Communications:
    • High-fidelity Quadrature Modulation I&Q Baseband Signals (Polar Modulation: I/Q + Magnitude Control, Two Pair of I/Q for MIMO)
  • Imaging
    • Stimulus Signals for Imaging Display and Recording Devices (CCD, LCD)
  • Data Conversion
    • Stimulus Signals for Data Conversion Devices (ADC, DAC)
  • Mixed-signal Design and Test
    • 2/4 ch Analog + 4/8 ch Marker Outputs + 28 bit Digital Data Outputs
  • Real-world, Ideal, or Distorted Signal Generation – Including all the Glitches, Anomalies, and Impairments
  • Enhanced/Corrupted Playback of DSO Captured Signals
  • Waveform Vectors Imported from Third-party Tools such as MathCAD, MATLAB, Excel, and Others


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