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Architectural & Artistic Effects - Hebel® Accent™

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Create a master work you never thought possible.

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Imagine creating large scale, free-flowing shapes or geometric forms that add a unique character to your design. Picture an abstract pattern along a roadside barrier or expressed linear contours on an entire building façade. An embossed corporate logo or symbol in a vast hotel foyer.

Now, you can leave your mark. Simply, cost effectively, with Hebel® Accent™, an exciting new routing capability from Hebel®.

Made from autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), Hebel® is a remarkable building material ideally suited to commercial, industrial, civil and residential construction where lightweight building materials are preferred. One quarter the weight of standard masonry, Hebel® panels can be installed with expressed joints or rendered to provide a monolithic look.

Hebel® is well known for its exceptional thermal, fire, acoustic and independently proven environmental credentials.

Hebel® Accent™ now allows you the design freedom to achieve amazing architectural and artistic effects using just one wall element, eliminating the need for expensive precast moulds and without being restricted to repeat panels.

Simply Stunning
The composition of Hebel® provides a superb textured look in its natural raw form.

A simple, geometric stacked pattern creates a clean, interesting feature wall in this office and a modular approach enables the exposed panel joints to be naturally disguised.

This theme was carried through to meeting rooms and foyers with composite materials creatively overlaid for further aesthetic appeal.

Make A Statement
Hebel® commercial systems are a cost effective and environmentally preferable alternative to those such as pre-cast and tilt-up concrete. Specifying a Hebel® commercial wall or façade system will open you up to a world of creative possibilities with Hebel® Accent™.

The most inexpensive routing option is to contain simple patterns within each panel face and use a repeat design approach. Panels can either be routed to a constant depth with square or beveled pattern edges or may include variable depth routing to achieve a realistic sculpted look.

Certified by Good Environmental Choice - Australia, Hebel® emits over 60% less greenhouse gases than concrete and produces no toxic gases or by-products.

Decorative Relief
Hebel® Accent™ gives you design versatility to achieve a highly expressed look with minimal routing required.

An unpretentious, linear pattern relieves the eye and gives real character to this otherwise monolithic commercial building.

Pure Civil Art
The next level of routing complexity moves from a clean approach using simple patterns within panels to challenging designs that spill across multiple panels, opening up an endless combination of design directions.

Look around, find your inspiration in a group of lines or curves; recreate the surface of a leaf, a scattering of cloud, the texture of a fabric you love. This can be achieved on a grand scale - to share in a public space for all to enjoy. For a high level of contrast and visual impact, your Hebel® Accent™ design can be rendered and texture coated for a full monolithic finish. Add colour and turn your masterpiece into a landmark.

Reach Out and Touch It
This wall adds personality to a suburban leisure centre. Panels have been fully rendered and texture coated so the joins are not visible. The use of bright yellow as a highlight in the routed area accentuates the custom design and maximizes the overall visual effect.

Sound Barrier as Art
Hebel® has been a preferred sound barrier construction material for many years thanks to its lightweight panel systems and design flexibility. From simple beveled edge treatments for an expressed look to multi-bay designs with full artistic landscapes, Hebel® Accent™ can make it all possible.

Create a myriad of versatile design options without the usual expense of precast moulds. Reflect the characteristics of a local community; incorporate culture, language, images and history in your master work - an endless opportunity to express yourself.

Team Hebel® Accent™ with other materials and you can achieve some amazing effects.

Or Choose From Our Standard Range
Specify Hebel Accent™ in your next project quickly and easily by using one of these four strong, standard designs. Combine them to create a unique statement without exceeding the design budget - these patterns are available now from Hebel and full technical drawings can be provided.

First, select Hebel® wall panels to suit your project requirements then choose from our standard designs at a fixed m2 routing cost.

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