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Are overspray & contaminants reducing the efficiency of your workshop?

Supplier: Flexshield
28 May, 2015

Australia boasts thousands of manufacturers, fabricators, engineers, mines and other industrial companies.

Most of these businesses have wash areas – car wash bays, truck or bus wash bays, machinery wash bays, parts wash bays and high pressure wash bays just to name a few.

The challenge

Many companies face a daily challenge of how to contain water in wash areas, and prevent overspray and airborne contaminants from entering clean workspaces. But it's not just a matter of contaminating clean areas.

Overspray and contaminants also slow down manufacturing processes and reduce workplace efficiency. They cause increased workloads as staff have to fight to maintain clean areas. They are a hazard, and pose a threat to Workplace Health and Safety.

Wash bay screens in action

Well-known company Komatsu, manufacture, sell and service machinery. Komatsu has a series of wash areas, and faced a daily challenge of how to prevent splash and airborne contaminants from the wash bays entering clean areas in their workshop. Komatsu approached Flexshield as they needed a highly effective, affordable and long-lasting solution.

Flexshield designed, manufactured, supplied and installed a tailor made sliding Wash Bay Screen to solve Komatsu's challenge. The screen was manufactured from dark blue heavy duty PVC material, was UV stabilised, had reinforced edging and came with all necessary track and mounting fixtures.
Flexshield's Wash Bay Screens provide numerous benefits.


  • Stop splash and dust
  • Increase workplace efficiency
  • Create safe workplaces
  • Allow easy access
  • Provide 100% clear visibility
  • Save energy and time
  • Allow for increased productivity

Komatsu experienced all these benefits after investing in one of Flexshield's Wash Bay Screens. Overspray and airborne contaminants are now contained in wash areas, and staff are able to work more efficiently without having to fight the splash from the wash areas.

Flexshield manufacture's Wash Bay Screens that are available as heavy duty sliding or fixed sheet screens, in clear or coloured PVC. Flexshield's Wash Bay Screens are anti-corrosive and maintenance free, and ideal wherever a simple solution to splash or anti contamination is required.  

Flexshield Splash Control Screens for Wash Bays