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Argus Solutions | Identity management applications & solutions

Argus Solutions

Argus Solutions specialises in providing identity management applications and solutions. Our products are built with a range of identity management technologies in mind, ranging from top end biometric solutions such as iris recognition, DNA matching, face recognition technologies through to proximity and contact cards. Some of the largest biometric applications in Australia are delivered and supported by Argus Solutions.

The diversity of options we can provide to a client is due in part to the close relationship Argus has with its partners. Our key operational partnership is with US company Imageware Systems Inc (IWS) (

More about this relationship can be found on our partners page. Imageware allows us to deliver solutions such as the face recognition system to NSW Police.

That the Argus product set is complemented by IWS technologies means Argus is able to integrate two or more biometric technologies in the one solution/application, and to integrate biometrics with other security related tokens such as cards and RFID tags.

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We work directly with our customers from our Australian headquarters in Sydney and through our wholly owned subsidiary company in Singapore.

We recognise the need to work closely with quality partners and do so to provide complementary technologies and applications which address a variety of law enforcement, security and investigative functions.

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