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ArtiKool™ Refrigerant Polarised Oil Additive

Supplier: Conservelec

Artikool™ is one of the simplest yet most effective treatments Conservelec may recommend as an addition of special patented, halogenated hydrocarbon additives to refrigeration and air conditioning systems, including chillers and heat pumps.

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Proven in hundreds of installations during the last 15 years, ArtiKool's specialised additives reduce friction on moving parts giving new life to bearings, seals and compressor parts.

Reducing the friction in the system improves the compressors mechanical efficiency and lowers electrical consumption. You will immediately notice increased cooling capacity and a quieter compressor.

Best of all, you’ll notice the savings on your electric bill. This treatment alone can save 10-15% on the electric use of the treated system.

Benefits of ArtiKool™ Refrigerant Polarised Oil Additive:

  • Reduces friction of moving compressor parts.
  • Provides stabalised boundary lubrication protection during operation and startup.
  • Improves head exchange by displacement of refrigeration oil buildup.
  • Prevents oxidation and provides corrosion protection.
  • Improves the life of bearings, seals and all compressor parts.
  • Quiets compressor noise.
  • Increases cooling capacity
  • Reduces electricity consumption

ArtiKool™ usually gives a quick return on investment through lowering cooling costs. It then goes on saving energy and operating expenses through reducing friction and head pressure in the compressor, thus improving compressor life, cutting compressor run time and even reducing friction for smoother compression operation.

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