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AS-i Interface

Supplier: Zone Safety Systems

Integrated AS-i safety interface facilitates the direct connection of sensors to the AS interface, as well as the transmission of diagnosis information to a busmaster. Please enquire for further information and the availability of similar products.

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Type 3 safety laser scanner with integrated AS-i interface

The Leuze lumiflex RS4-4/AS-i is an electro-sensitive optical area scanner, with an integrated AS-i Safety interface. Rather like a radar, it continually samples a complete target area with an angle of 190°. As a type 3 protective device, the scanner is suitable for personnel safety purposes in connection with machines or for driverless transport systems.

The integrated AS-i safety interface facilitates the direct connection of the sensor to the AS interface, as well as the transmission of diagnosis information to the busmaster. Connection to the AS-i cable and the auxiliary power supply is effected by means of M12 connection technology with the help of the AC-PDA/A1 bus adapter.

Safety Light Curtains and Grids Type 4 with AS-i Interface

COMPACT is a product family of Type 4 safety light curtains and safety light grids for hand and finger protection and for safeguarding danger areas and access to systems and machinery. The AS-i COMPACT version is constructed with an integrated AS-i interface so that the transmitter or receiver can be connected directly to the safe interface AS-i bus cable. The AS-i flat-band cable is used both for suppling power and for transmitting signals. No further cabling is required.

COMPACTplus Muting Transceiver CPRT-m/AS-i
Multiple light beam safety device with integrated muting and AS-i Interface

COMPACTplus multiple light beam safety devices are Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices (AOPDs) of type 4 as defined by EN/IEC 61496-1 and (pr)EN/IEC 61496-2.

Productivity and safety are among the key requirements of automated manufacturing systems. In materials handling technology, safety light barriers with muting functionality ensure the full time protection of personnel, without holding up the passage of materials. A particularly flexible and economic solution is to be seen in the new CPRT-m type 4 multibeam safety light barrier of the COMPACTplus series, which incorporates both muting and override functionality.

All the sensors that are required for distinguishing between persons and materials, as well as the operating and display elements, can be directly connected to the light barrier on site. Various output versions, such as semiconductors, relays or integrated safety bus interfaces, may be selected; these facilitate the optimum integration of the equipment in any kind of control system. The integrated AS-i Safety interface of the CPRT-m/AS-i facilitates a direct connection of the sensor to AS-Interface by means of M12 connection technology.

Safety Light Grid Type 4 with AS-i Interface

The AS-i Safety Light Grid RRT 42/A is a 2-beam light grid for safeguarding access to machinery and systems. It constitutes a functional unit when used in combination with a passive or active deflection mirror. The AS-i interface integrated into the RRT42/A allows the light grid to be connected directly to the safe AS-Interface. The AS-i flat band-cable is used both for supplying power and for transmitting signals. No further cabling is required.

AS-i safety monitor ASM1/ASM1E
AS-i safety monitor category 4
ASM1/1, ASM1/2, ASM1E/1, ASM1E/2

The AS-i safety monitor is an EMERGENCY STOP control device as defined by EN 60204-1, STOP 0 / STOP 1, IEC 61508, SIL 3 and EN 954-1, category 4, for the monitoring of AS-i bus connected EMERGENCY STOP command devices, safety light grids and door locks. It monitors the safety-related AS-i sensors assigned to it by the configuration software asimon. In case an emergency stop should be required or if a fault occurs, the AS-i safety monitor in its protective mode can switch off the system within a response time of 40 milliseconds at most. According to the model chosen, either one or two dependent or independent release circuits with parameterizable external device monitoring are available.

The model versions of the enhanced AS-i safety monitor ASM1E differ to the basic version in a number of additional functions like activation/deactivation of monitoring devices or additional monitoring devices

Safe AS-i coupler module ASKM1

With the safe coupling module ASKM1, electromechanical sensors such as safety interlocking devices or safety light barriers Type 4 with relay outputs, can be connected directly to the AS-Interface. The ASKM1 then converts the sensor signal into data words and make these available to be passed on via AS Interface. The unshielded AS-i flat-band cable both supplies power and transmits data.