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Asset Log V1.02

Supplier: Asken Business Technologies

The Asset Log is a more comprehensive database designed for the tracking of assets. The product includes tracking of movements, movement scheduling for things like maintenance and prebooking for loan, depreciation recording and associated cost recording (repairs, etc.). It contains configurable reminders for follow-up on movements, scheduled assets due or due for return, and built-in reports for managing all aspects of the system. The tracking of depreciation, associated costs and movement scheduling are all included.

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

Asset Log V1.02
Product Code: AL001
For Microsoft Access: Versions 2000/XP
Operating System: As required for the relevant Microsoft Access version

Asset Log is an Access database developed for tracking assets, maintaining a history of asset movement, associated costs, depreciation and so on. In addition, asset movement scheduling is included to help with the managing of regular asset maintenance, pre-booking movements, asset loan etc.

The Asset Log can record all sorts of relevant details for you. Obviously, a complete description of the asset, including a photograph, but also costs associated with movement, and other costs such as repair or inspection costs, and depreciation.

Movements can be flagged for return by a specific date and an automatic reminder set so you can follow-up those items due or overdue.

Similarly, asset movements can be scheduled far in advance, and with the powerful recurrence options, scheduled for repeated movements for cases such as regular maintenance checks. Scheduled movements can also be used for pre-booking of assets to ensure they are available when required.

There is a comprehensive set of reports, including reports for listing and summarising assets, costs and depreciation, and managing follow-up calls on movements, assets overdue for return, scheduled movements due and much more.

Reports can be customised with filter forms that allow you to decide what data is selected.

Asset Log can also be installed on a network for multiple users.

  • Features

    SCREEN SHOTS: Click on the camera icon   to view a detailed screen shot of the relevant area.
  • Record full details of all assets, including -  
    •  a full set of descriptive fields (category, type, unique number, title, accessories, etc) 
    •  who manufactured it, the manufacturers identification details and all themanufacturers own details 
    •  where you acquired it, how much for
  • Record an image of any asset by linking to graphics files of just about any type.
  • Record a complete history of movement for each asset.
  • Schedule movement of assets, for things like maintenance or items on loan.
  • Scheduling recurrence options are powerful, providing ample options to suit your needs
  • Set reminders for scheduled movements and movement follow-ups. As scheduled movements or follow-ups become due you can deal with them immediately or 'snooze' the item to a more suitable time.
  • Record all costs associated with assets. Costs can be further associated with an individual movement. You can work with costs specific to an asset only, or as a general ledger of costs.
  • Record a history of depreciation. 
  • Record full details on all contacts such as manufacturers, suppliers, repairers, inspectors and so on.   You define what category and type these entries fall into, without limit. Details include name, company number, contact details, phone, fax, email, actual and postal addresses etc.
  • Record full details of employees, with similar details.
  • Record full details of all locations where assets may be located or stored. Specify selected locations as default storage areas.
  • Record a veritable storehouse of notes against most areas of data entry.
  • Most fields in the database are optional. You enter only what you need to.
  • A brilliant Find facility that allows you to search for any asset on most fields, or combination of fields, in the database.  
  • A comprehensive set of pre-defined reports.  
  • Reports include asset listing by location, category and type, cost listing and summary, depreciation summary, movement history, assets due or overdue for return, assets to follow-up, scheduled movement becoming due or overdue etc.
  • All lookup lists, such as categories, types, movement types etc., can be edited without limit, even while working with other records. Most lists can have a default selection defined so when creating new records, properties are automatically populated.
  • Simplicity. Familiar Windows environment and feature set.
  • Uncluttered and intuitive interface.
  • Work via the mouse or keyboard through many shortcut keys.
  • Can be installed on a network for multiple users.

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