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Asset Tracker PC Software Licence

Supplier: HotPos

AssetTracker is an all-in-one solution designed to solve asset management problems for you. Be it Administrative Offices tracking documents, Real Estate Offices tracking keys, Clubs tracking fixed assets such as furniture and fittings through to Security, Educational and Health Organizations tracking equipment and information.

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1 x Heron G Barcode scanner IS INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE!

Designed and developed in Australia, AssetTracker utilises barcoding technology to streamline the tracking process and make it as reliable and accurate as possible.

By using Barcodes, asset tracking is made as simple and quick as possible, and what’s more, it’s easy to use for even the most inexperienced of users.

You can track your assets whatever they may be, this includes:
  • Keys
  • Documents
  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Safety Equipment
  • Computers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Cars
  • And more

AssetTracker gives you information at of what your physical assets are, where they currently are, and where they have been and who they have been issued to.

Assets can be easily scanned in or out, placed against a current custodian and assigned to a contact and a location.

The AssetTracker program allows you to produce reports to show who currently has which assets, or which assets are in particular locations.

AssetTracker's database keeps a history of each movement of the asset, showing when it was created, and all the times this was checked in or out, and when this was last audited.

A Datalogic Memor portable data collection terminal (as pictured) can be used with the system to audit assets in locations away from the central database.

The asset list can be downloaded onto the Datalogic Memor, then taken off-site to a location where all the assets can be scanned. AssetTracker will indicate if the asset is in the wrong location, and reports can be produced showing what should have been in that location but was not found.

Asset tracking for any product or piece of equipment which a barcode or RF tag can be attached. Our products, though in a way similar to KeyWatcher, are not contained by a specific physical cabinet but can be done in any cabinet. This system works when one is not worried about security of the asset, say keys for instance, but where the movements are.

AssetTracker is especially ideal for restricted items like firearms: to know who has it, where it’s been, history of use. Another example would be mines, which have expensive pieces of drilling equipment. The mine owner would like to know where the equipment has been issued to, where it has been, who it’s been signed out to. AssetTracker is on its own for this type of use.

Use a terminal (mobile scanner) to scan barcode, which takes down info of the asset, which details go down and you can get a report of who took the equipment last where this should be etc.

* This product allows you to load the software onto one computer.
** You can purchase extra liscences on our website for a much cheaper price
*** Heron G barcode scanner INCLUDED in thei price