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Audio KVM Switch - AdderView 8 Port USB KVM

Supplier: KVM Australia

The Audio KVM Switch - AdderView 8 Port USB KVM benefits greatly from our long history of success in KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) switching.

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As a result, Audio KVM Switch - AdderView 8 Port USB KVM can reliably switch multiple signals (including dual link digital video at up to 330Mpixels per second) in a manner that is totally transparent during operation. However, this unit offers more than just straight switching between eight systems.

The KVM, speakers and two separate USB devices attached to the AdderView Pro 8 DVI can be switched in unison between any of the connected systems, as normal. However, you also have the option to mix your peripherals between any of the systems, to suit your current tasks. For instance, you could be creating emails on one system, istening to a soundtrack from another while a third is sending documents to your printer and a fourth performing another task with a different USB peripheral.

The on-screen menu or the AdderView Pro 8 DVI front panel make it straightforward to control which peripherals should connect to each system. The AdderView Pro 8 DVI also marks the debut of a significant advance in USB keyboard and mouse switching. This is the first product to feature True Emulation which ensures that the full characteristics of the connected keyboard and mouse are passed to every system.

This supersedes the previous method of presenting default identities to the systems, which id not allow for specialised features present on either the keyboard or mouse. With True Emulation, you will find that, subject to the correct drivers being used on each system, the AdderView Pro 8 DVI will faithfully represent the special characteristics of your keyboard and mouse.

Digital and analogue video: Each of the eight computer channels has a DVI/I video connector which allows either DVI digital or VGA analogue signals to be input. At the console connections, the AdderView Pro 8 uses separate DVI/D and VGA connectors to allow the easy attachment of either type of monitor, or to permit dual connections to autoswitching monitors that can operate with either type of input. Multiple switching The attached peripheral devices can be switched collectively to any computer system, or can be linked to separate systems to achieve multiple tasks in parallel. Multiple switching can be controlled from the on screen menu or using the front panel buttons.

True Emulation: Earlier USB KVM switches relied upon standard keyboard and mouse templates to inform each computer system how to deal with the connected peripherals. The AdderView Pro 8 succeeds in harvesting the true identities of the connected keyboard and mouse and presents those ‘real’ profiles concurrently to every system. Thus, specialist keyboards and mice can be fully supported.

Video monitor: The AdderView Pro 8 DVI supports both DVI digital and VGA analogue video signals. Separate DVI and VGA ports are provided for the user console connection and you can use either, or both, as required. Where a computer provides analogue video, this will be routed through the VGA port; when digital video is supplied, this will appear at the DVI/D port. Note: The AdderView Pro 8 DVI does not perform any conversions between digital and analogue video signals. If a connected system provides only analogue video, then no signal will be seen on the digital DVI/D output port, and vice versa. Attach the lead(s) from the video monitor to the appropriate port connector. If your video monitor has dual capabilities then you can link it to both connectors using appropriate leads.

Audio KVM Switch - AdderView 8 Port USB KVM Brochure (.pdf) >>