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Ausroad Systems

Ausroad Systems Pty Ltd manufactures, distributes and hires road maintenance equipment to the Australian and Indonesian market. The company is firmly established in the field of providing economical road maintenance solutions to local government, contractors and private companies who maintain sealed roads. Ausroad™ takes pride in it's quality control to ensure the highest standard at all times and maintains its own self assessed Quality Assurance System based on ISO AS/NZS 9002. The Ausroad™ organisation is committed to developing new technologies. The expertise of the organisation is well established, Ausroad Systems Pty Ltd has been successfully supplying the Australian market since 1990.

New technology is being developed and incorporated constantly to give the most efficient and most advanced road maintenance machines worldwide. Ausroad™ Jetmaster Road Maintenance Units provide faster, longer lasting repairs to Pot Holes, Road Depressions, Edge Breaks, Wheel Path Rutting, Crack Sealing, Digouts, Speed Bumps, Drainage Bumps, and Scabbing.

Jetmaster units are also capable of 2.4m wide single pass emulsion spray sealing and depression filling. Jetmaster - the ultimate road maintenance & repair system. The Ausroad™ HD Series road maintenance machine is capable of handling both hot mix and aggregate and is suitable for pothole patching (large and small), heavy maintenance, patch compaction and general maintenance repairs.

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Ausroad Systems Pty Ltd will provide reliable, economical road maintenance equipment solutions by utilising the latest technology and applying advanced engineering design and manufacture.

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