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Aussie delivering maximum results with mini-excavators

Supplier: Caterpillar of Australia
01 June, 2008

Two Caterpillar mini-excavators have made their mark for a New South Wales (NSW) landscaping business, Specialty Retaining Walls, with job costs tumbling and business productivity on the rise.

Specialty Retaining Walls-owned by Andrew Evans and Steve Clitheroe-previously relied on rental machines, skid steers or manual labor to complete jobs in the undulating region around the company's base on the NSW central coast. But the 301.8 and 302.5 mini-excavators the company has purchased a year ago have been a boon to business.
"We couldn't have expanded as we have without the use of the excavators," Evans explained. "They have helped increase our business tenfold and it has been a much more cost-effective option compared with hiring or renting. We've also found that what manual labor would do in a day we can now do in an hour"

Set up with the Cat mini-excavators, the company can now effectively deal with the numerous retaining walls that need repair in this very hilly region. With walls up to 3.6 meters high, the minis can get in to tight places and rip them down.  

"We hired a Cat machine and tested it and compared it to all the other machines we had rented and tried. The others were all quite disappointing after we drove the Cat," Evans said. "We actually didn't even need to sit down and think about it. Cat was the way we were going and now we wouldn't swap them for quids."

Specialty Retaining Wall staff are also enjoying the benefits of the mini-excavators. With the machines' low engine noise, suspension seating, ergonomic joystick controls and wrist rests, the features allow the crews daylong productivity. Evans and partner Steve Clitheroe have outfitted the machines for added versatility with an augur to complement the standard issue dozer blade.

"We can attach the augur to drill post holes up to four meters deep with both machines and be able to pull heavy soil from the hole while the excavator remains stable," Evans said. "When we tried the Cat machines, we saw they had a slightly bigger reach and had a heavier back end (counterweight) so when we are pulling the augur out, fully extended, the machine won't fall around-it has much better stability. They're superb machines."

For more information on Specialty Retaining Walls visit www.srwalls.com.au

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