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Aust bullbar manufacturer goes quiet

Supplier: Flexshield
05 April, 2013

In metal fabrication workshops, noise levels normally range between approximately 80-125dB(A).

Most common noise sources are from welders, angle grinders, metal presses, cutting saws and hammering and bashing on metal objects.

Hearing loss in this industry is a very real and common health risk, and in a lot of cases noise control is ignored until it is too late and irreversible industrial deafness has occurred.

This client had a substantial metal working shop incorporating a series of boiler maker, welding and grinding bays.

Noise levels were not only at dangerous levels but were causing high stress levels and educational errors which were beyond the companies QA protocols.

Being a five-star facility, potential and existing clients are often given a "walk through", so the client wanted to also reduce noise for their comfort and safety and to also eliminate any risk of "arc flash".

After the initial site consultation, Flexshield manufactured and installed soundproof welding bays and Weldflex curtains to create a series of cubicles separating the welding and grinding process from the rest of the workshop.

The acoustic bays were fitted with an acoustic vision panel and sliding welding curtains with a removable head rail which allows for access for any major items if required.