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Aust first in new safety flooring for St. Philip's Christian College

Supplier: Altro Flooring
22 April, 2008

St Philip’s Christian College in Waratah underlined its innovation philosophy with the first installation in Australia of a new safety flooring system, Altro Maxis™ in the College’s new Technology building.

Commenting on the installation, Principal of St Philip’s Mr Graeme Irwin said there were several ‘must haves’ on the specification list for the flooring.

“The safety of our students and staff is the most critical consideration, so the floor surface in the Technology building had to be suitably slip-resistant. And because no school has unlimited funds, we had to be able to achieve our safety objectives within a reasonable budget. Thirdly, the flooring had to be sturdy and hard-wearing enough to cope with the traffic and potential spills we can expect in this environment,” said Irwin.

“But we also wanted to demonstrate our philosophy about the importance of innovation. So the flooring had to complement the design and aesthetics of the new building as well as its representation of the importance of new thinking and trying and testing new ideas,” he said.

“With this in mind, we were happy to take the advice of our building contractor, Wenham Builders, who suggested Altro Maxis™. We’ve since found out that we’re the first in Australia to use this flooring – innovation indeed!” he said.

According to Robert McLachlan, Altro’s Australian CEO, Altro Maxis has undergone gruelling tests in a number of schools in the UK, including being laid in school corridors where it was subjected to the tender mercies of 1,350 students.

“It’s a little early yet for St Philip’s to have found out for themselves, but the UK tests showed that the flooring stood up to this abuse over a long time frame, with no signs of wear or dirt-ingraining or deterioration of colour and texture. And just as importantly, the cleaners loved the product because it reduced cleaning time, which lowered the school’s maintenance costs substantially. We look forward to being able to compare these results with those of St Philip’s into the future,” said McLachlan.