Austech Collaborates with Dincel for Design Build

Supplier: Austech External Building Products
08 December, 2009

Foamular Extruded Polystyrene from Austech was featured in the Dincel Construction System's stall at the 2009 Design Build.

Dincel has an innovative wall construction system, with permanent polymer form work for walls and columns, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces an economical, strong and durable structure.

Concrete has always been used for construction, but its insulation properties are poor at best, so Dincel has collaborated with Foamular Extruded Polystyrene to come up with a new framework with the insulation installed prior to pouring the concrete, saving construction time and money.

Foamular's advanced thermal properties act like a temperature barrier, stopping heat fluctuations outside radiating through the concrete and into the building. Foamular has a high R-value, 50mm of Foamular can provide an R Value of R1.78.

Foamular provides quicker build times through ease of installation as it can simply be screwed into the polymer formwork prior to pouring the concrete. Once the concrete is set, it will permanently hold Foamular onto the building.

At DesignBuild Foamular was shown on the inside of a structure, with plasterboard fixed to its surface. Foamular can also be placed on the outside of a structure, wrapping the building in insulation and minimising thermal bridging. With the new generation of PM render finishes, Foamular produces a seamless high-spec look for every project while maintaining a structures environmental credentials

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