Austin Engineering manufactures largest excavator bucket to date

Supplier: Austin Engineering
26 September, 2014

The EX8000-6 bucket is the largest excavator bucket ever manufactured by Austin Engineering globally.

Measuring 4840 x 4310 x 5550mm in size and with a capacity of 48m3, the EX8000-6 features an ESCO Nemysis N539430 5 station cast lip and is designed to operate within the machine's maximum suspended load.

Manufactured at Austin's Brisbane Operation, the bucket was designed based on the site specific material specifications to maximise the excavator's productivity.

The bucket has been delivered to a Hunter Valley (NSW) mine site and will go into operation this month.

Austin Engineering are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of mining buckets to suit excavators, front end loaders and wheel loaders.

Their JEC designs, ranging from 1.5m3 to 52m3, are suitable for any application whether hard rock, iron ore, or coal. From high production lightweight buckets through to heavy duty armored buckets, each bucket is customised to suit the specific application.

To maximise machine efficiency Austin Engineering engineer the bucket to capacity match bucket weight and material density and undertake pass matching - this results in faster cycle times.